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Having Built A Bear

July 9, 2012


This was the day Big Sis had marked on her calendar and had been slowly counting down to…

The day Aunty C and her two big cousins were taking her and her little sister to Build A Bear for their birthday treat.

And so now his house has two extra fluffy mouths to feed (but luckily they only eat air). Let me introduce you to Georgina the bear and Susie the rabbit (they are too shy to have their photos taken).

Big Sis has gone to bed with Georgina beside her in her (now customised with window, blanket an pillow) box.

Little Sis kind of lost interest in Susie once she came home to her new boy baby doll, but quickly snatched her back as soon as Big Sis reached in for a cuddle. Susie went to bed with Little Sis, although apparently she did “take up all the room” there.

When we wake up tomorrow morning there will be mayhem opening all Little Sis’ birthday cards and presents. I’m looking forward to it. But by this time tomorrow it’ll be over for another year. Cue slight sigh of relief! I dunno about build a bear but I do think I want to find out about building a bed. I’m tired, good night!

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