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The Big Pre-School-Jewel Hunt

July 3, 2012

It was one of those verging on magic mornings. A morning where although both girls had woken up early, they both played happily together in a make-believe ballet class until I was up, downstairs, and even after I’d got a wash on. Unheard of.

Then, after a fairly low-stress breakfast, they were crafting! Big Sis set to making a fairy wand with a rolled up piece of paper, cutting out a yellow star shape for the top, then snipping coloured paper ribbons. Lovely. I have no photo of that, because it was very important to take it to school to show her teacher for the fairyland they are making.

Simultaneously, Little Sis was painting. I’ve found that letting her loose with watercolour paints is pretty low risk, and it’s something she can undertake more or less independently.

We had a model household of perfect children. Oh, the contrast from last night.

I’m not sure I was completing the model housewife role though, as I sat there scoffing Scotch pancakes! Ahem, anyway…

So after this morning’s pre-school I told Little Sis her painting was now dry, and she could start sticking on her jewels (her idea). She spent several minutes carefully opening the little jewel box:


several further minutes arranging them on the tray:


And then, within a split second, the activity was over! Je vous presente “hunt the jewels on the watercolour”:


Funny, but she has run off, and doesn’t seem to find the idea of tidying away the tray of jewels quite as intriguing as the tipping out. What a surprise! I’ll do that then (mind you, I do rather like the gentle snap of a Really Useful Box).

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  1. July 4, 2012 4:49 pm

    I just recently made up a little box of “gems” for my 3 year-old granddaughter. She loved them and sat playing with them for all of two minutes. I’ve been picking them up off the floor and digging them out of the sofa ever since!

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