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A New Style Crocs Store & A New Style Me

June 21, 2012

Here’s a riddle:

What has Big Sis done 5 times, Little Sis done twice at the same time, and I have never done (until today)?

Answer, wait for it… owned a pair of Crocs!

Believe me, I’ve always been a committed fan of Crocs for my girls. What a perfect choice of footwear for kids. But for me? Well, I don’t want to wear those cloggy things now, do I?

But stop. Maybe there’s more to it than the clogs.


So today I was invited to visit the opening of a new Crocs store at Bluewater Shopping Centre. The people at Crocs have kinda restyled the way their stores work for the punter. In this store, gone were the stark white walls and eye-popping walls of colour. In its place, a warmer, less clinical, let’s-hang-out-in-here kinda shop. Happily, the delicious croccy smell is still there. As are the clogs, rainbowing out across the back wall (apparently they account for about 50% of their global sales – I expect largely down to people like me buying year after year for their children). But the front of the shop feels more like a swanky ladies store, the middle is for men, and the back for kids. Easy stuff: Easy to find what you want, easy to get help to find your size, easy to navigate through with a buggy, and easy to find a seat for me to sit on, and Little Sis to clamber over.

It took me a few minutes to ease into the situation. I could choose a pair of shoes for me! Where do I start? But it didnt seem to take Little Sis any time at all to get trying on (mostly ladies’ styles), and like the magpie she is, she dived straight for the colourful blue gems.



Personally I wanted to see what Crocs could offer me in my stay at home mum world, and could I choose a shoe that gave me that excited new shoe feeling?


Yes, yes, yes! I would happily have chosen 4 pairs. 4 pairs of very wearable, very comfortable shoes (I do like a comfy shoe!), and none of them even the little bit cloggy.

I decided upon a grown up pair of wedge sandals, in brown leather. So snazzy. My feet are as light as a feather, Trevor.



For additional information please check out Crocs UK Website and their Facebook page

Crocs UK gave Little Sis and me my big day out and a pair of shoes (yay), all thoughts are my own and no other financial reward was given.


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  1. June 21, 2012 9:34 pm

    You know, I thought they only did cloggy shoes up until this post! The shoes you’ve shown look really swish and I’d be happy to own a pair myself. Must find a Croc shop! Great review of the shop and the footwear too :O)

  2. June 22, 2012 8:44 am

    They look lovely on you, very elegant (and Little Sis is looking swish too!). I have to say I hadn’t thought Crocs were for ladies, except on the beach! The shop sounds great – I’ll have to go. Where is the shop you visited?

    • June 22, 2012 9:21 am

      Elegant: I like having elegant feet. Better than elephant feet! It was in Bluewater, Kent. :)

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