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One More Sleep

June 2, 2012

It’s tomorrow. Only one more sleep to go. Then we have it, our Jubilee street party.

Our street is already half awash with red, white and blue, and provisions are made for proper zigzag across the road bunting first thing in the morning. The bouncy castle arrives by 9 and most of us will need to be out there all morning assembling gazebos, because the weather forecast is for a very wet day. Bah.

The girls are over-the-top excited. But how could they not be. Every direction they’ve turned this past week, their lives have been focused on the Jubilee celebrations, whether at school, pre-school, play group etc… And where we live in Wanstead (London), we really can’t escape it, the shop keepers have gone mad for it!


Which leads me to this post. My first prize for the jazziest Jubilee outlet in the high street goes to: Judith’s. It’s a funny old shop that sells ladies’ evening dresses. No one is ever seen going in, or coming out. How they survive I have no idea. But how hilarious is this (one of their two) window?!


Second place I award to our fabulous butchers. I don’t mock them, indeed I positively love them. We try to buy all our meat from them, but although it’s excellent, unfortunately it can be quite pricey. Since we’ve lived here, the sawdust in the floor has disappeared, but the quality of their sausages continues to trump all others, even The Ginger Pig in groovy Hackney, ha ha. Anyway, check out their display, and see how they’ve given height (technical term) to the bunting by using the flat above! Nice one.


The Pie and Mash shop would have won bronze, but I couldn’t get to the other side of the road to take a snap, as I was so laden down with BBQ stuff, drink and sausages (!) as well as 2 small girls.

So good night, sleep tight and see you in the morning for the street party. Too excited to sleep!

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