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Not yer Average Art Gallery

May 29, 2012

When the girls have created a masterpiece, I usually whack it on the fridge, where we enjoy it for a week or so before it exalts itself to the great recycling plant in the sky. Okay, if it’s something really spesh, I do have two special storage boxes, but I do try to be very selective, which doesn’t come easily, as I’m naturally completely sentimental.

Anyway, before we all get over-zealous regarding their talent, lets just focus for a minute on yesterday’s creations, and get things into perspective…


Et voila, a watercolour-printed baby wipe. Hmm… We also had two rather uninspired jubilee colouring-ins, one of which Little Sis tore in half.

However, the quality of the art produced did not dampen the sisters’ enthusiasm in showing their pieces. Quite unbeknownst to me, Big and Little Sis invented their own gallery, using fridge magnets to stick their papers to the climbing frame.

I only discovered these dangling, swaying pictures later in the evening when I was tidying away. I was chuffed with their ingenuity, so much so that I could convince myself that whilst they may not become Royal Academy exhibitors, they may perhaps become engineers!

One things for sure, I won’t need to open up the special artwork saving storage boxes today, and I wonder whether a painted baby wipe would meet the criteria for the paper recycling bin?

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